Textbook Measurement in Medicine

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Textbook Measurement in Medicine


Members of the Clinimetrics Working Group published a textbook:


de Vet HCW, Terwee CB, Mokkink LB, Knol DL. Measurement

in Medicine - A practical guide. New York: U.S.A., Cambridge

University Press, New York; 2011.



The success of the Apgar score demonstrates the astounding power of an appropriate clinical instrument. This down-to-earth book provides practical advice, underpinned by theoretical principles, on developing and evaluating measurement instruments in all fields of medicine. It equips you to choose the most appropriate instrument for specific purposes.

The book covers measurement theories, methods, and criteria for evaluating and selecting instruments. It provides methods to assess measurement properties, such as reliability, validity and responsiveness, and interpret the results. Worked examples and end-of-chapter assignments use real data and well-known instruments to build your skills at implementation and interpretation through hand-on analysis of real-life cases.

All data and solutions are available online. This is a perfect

course book for students and a perfect companion for

professionals/researchers in the medical and health sciences

who care about the quality and meaning of the measurements

they perform.


Hard copy: ISBN-13:9780521118200 http://www.cambridge.org/gb/knowledge/isbn/

Paperback: ISBN:-13:9780521133852http://www.cambridge.org/gb/